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Regional scoring delays Regents scores

As part of a state plan to guarantee unbiased scoring of Regents exams, Central Valley Academy now participates in regional scoring with area school districts at Herkimer BOCES.  Completed CVA Regents exams are transported to BOCES and scored by non CVA teachers. All scores are then uploaded to a database and schools are notified upon completion. As of June 24, CVA Principal Renee Rudd was just receiving scores and verification for June 17’s Living Environment. The school is awaiting more scores and will notify students as quickly as possible. Staff is making a special effort to get results to seniors in anticipation of Commencement on Friday.

Prior to 2012-13, teachers simply graded their own students’ Regents. As a result, grades were often often available just a few hours later. The state banned the practice saying that schools tended to give more lenient grades on state Regents exams than do teams of impartial scorers. Regional scoring removes any teacher bias, but delays students and the school from receiving final grades for several days.