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Reminder: All student absences require a written excuse

By Central Valley School District policy, parents/guardians must provide a written and signed excuse whenever their students are absent, tardy or dismissed early from school. School attendance staff may not accept a verbal or emailed excuse.

District policy states: “All instances of excused absence require a written parent/guardian excuse. The excuse must identify the date/time of absence, reason for absence, tardiness or early departure and parent/guardian signature. Students failing to present an excuse prior to an early departure or upon reporting back to school following an absence or tardiness will be subject to a warning. Subsequent offenses will result in progressive discipline and/or Department of Social Services contact.”

“We discovered different attendance practices across the district. After consulting with the New York State Education Department and our school attorney, we realized that we needed to follow a single procedure that complies with the Central Valley School District policy,” said Superintendent Cosimo Tangorra.

What to include in a written excuse

An excuse must include:

  • The child’s name
  • Date of the absence/tardy/early dismissal
  • Reason
  • Parent’s/guardian’s signature

What is an excused absence?

Students are considered legally absent from school due to:

  • Personal illness
  • Serious illness or death in the family
  • Impassable roads due to weather conditions
  • Religious observance
  • Quarantine
  • Court appearances
  • Attendance at health clinics
  • Approved cooperative work programs
  • Approved college visits
  • Military obligations
  • Disciplinary detention of an incarcerated youth

What is not an excused absence?

Most absences not mentioned above are interpreted under the law as “unexcused absences,” including but not limited to:

  • Vacation
  • Babysitting
  • Shopping
  • Oversleeping
  • Needed at home
  • Cold weather
  • Missing the bus