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School drills keep our students safe

If it seems like Central Valley devotes a lot of effort to school drills—we do. And it is all with the simple mission of keeping our students safe.

Over the course of a year, New York requires schools to hold at least 12 safety drills. Eight are evacuation drills such as fire drills and early release drills. Four are lock-down drills that practice a response to a threat within a school building. New York also encourages schools to practice shelter-in-place, hold-in-place, and lock-out drills.

We don’t warn our students, staff, or families of a drill. We want each drill to be a real test of our readiness. Instead we conduct our drills as if the situation is real. That way, we know everyone is ready in the event of a serious threat. (We make exceptions for students with emotional or health issues who might be frightened or endangered by the loud noises, flashing lights, or sudden change in routine. We notify their teachers and aides to take appropriate steps.)

For a look at the history of emergency drill and the types of drills we conduct, please take a look at this one page sheet (PDF).