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Take the school time/transportation survey

The Central Valley School District is exploring starting and ending middle school and high school 55 minutes later than elementary school. The proposal would reduce the time students spend on the bus, would not increase transportation costs, and would allow for greater after school learning opportunities for elementary students.

For parents concerned about younger students no longer riding the bus with older siblings, the proposal would offer options for:

  • Middle and high school students to ride the early bus to school with younger siblings, or
  • Elementary students to stay after school for additional educational opportunities, then ride the later bus home with older siblings.

Your opinion counts—take the survey

The board of education’s Transportation Committee will meet on Monday, July 25 to consider the new schedule and its effect on bus ride times and transportation costs. Your opinion is important. The results of this survey will help guide the committee throughout the decision making process.

The survey includes the details of start times, bus rides, etc. to help you share an informed opinion. It is just seven questions and includes a spot to request additional information.

Please take a moment to take the survey.