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Sixth grade attends Conservation Day

photo of student planting a tree seedlingOn Wednesday, May 25, Jarvis Middle School sixth graders spent their day outside at Herkimer County Soil and Water Conservation District’s 2016 Conservation Field Day held at the Herkimer Diamond KOA Campground. Students rotated through presentations about conservation and safety of our environment with the Herkimer Diamond Mine and its beauty as background. Topics ranged from beekeeping to saving yourself if lost in the woods. Other stations presented whitewater paddling safety, soil conservation, water treatment processes, and pet responsibility. Students also learned how to properly plant trees around their houses and as fire prevention in our environment. Each student had the chance to release a fish into the West Canada Creek.
“This was a wonderful opportunity and we had a beautiful day taking learning outside the walls of the classroom,” said sixth grade teacher Colleen Bunce.

photo of the West Canada Creek
Photo of students standing on stumps