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Sixth grade students create Coat of Arms

140407JarCoatsOfArmsSixthGr1The walls of Jarvis are full of color as the students’ Family Coat of Arms are displayed.

Sixth grade social studies students at Jarvis Middle School enlisted family members for the creation of their Coat of Arms family project. After learning about Medieval Times, students created their own Coat of Arms based on their family’s interests and what’s important to them.

Students really enjoyed working with their families on this project.  “The Coat of Arms project was a really great opportunity for my family and to remind us of what’s important to our family,” commented sixth grader Ryan Talarico.

“I liked creating the Coat of Arms because it was a fun activity to do with my whole family and we had to think about our interests and values,” said sixth grader Abby Shedd,

“The project took time and creativity. I think the students took their time and the shields together on the wall are so colorful and bright!”