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Snowmen brighten the halls at Fisher

Photo of Mrs. Laubenstein's class

Mrs. Laubenstein’s class took first prize with their Snowman Bouquet in the Make a Snowman contest at Fisher.

Fisher Elementary brightened up the hallways to ward off the winter blues during the long, cold January by holding a Make a Snowman contest. Creativity showed as classrooms displayed many different types of snowmen made of paper, cotton, cups and more. Seeing the crafty snowmen put a smile on the face of everyone who walked the halls of Fisher.

Winners were judged by Mrs. Cook and the ladies in the cafeteria. It was no easy task to choose just one but the top three were chosen with special prizes for the entire class.

First place: Mrs. Laubenstein’s third grade class for their Snowman Bouquet. They will receive special time in the library with hot chocolate, marshmallows, and homemade heart and snowman cookies while watching a famous snowman movie.

Second place: Mrs. McDermott’s kindergarten class for their giant Snow Rings Snowman. Each student received a lollipop and a popcorn smelling bookmark.

Third place: Mrs. Watson’s kindergarten class for their entry of 100 Snowmen. Each student received a snowflake pencil and a scented bookmark as well.

Congratulations to the winning classes and thanks to everyone who joined in on this fun activity making it a great success and helping January seem shorter.