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Snowy with a chance of “Freezicles”

Photo of Bill Kardas and first grade students

WKTV Meteorologist Bill Kardas gives an informational presentation on forecasting the weather to Barringer Road first grade students.

So what is a “freezicle” you might ask? A Barringer Road first grade student thought that a “freezicle” would be a really great name for freezing rain.

This creative answer was sparked when local meteorologist, Bill Kardas, from WKTV came to visit Barringer Road first grade students as a culminating activity for their weather unit.

Mr. Kardas gave an upbeat, fun, motivational and informational presentation. Not only did the students learn about how meteorologists forecast the weather, they also learned that Mr. Kardas’ passion started when he was just a first grade student like them. You never know, we also might have some future meteorologists in the making. In the meantime, keep your eye out for the next “Freezicle.”

Photo of Bill Kardas and Grandma Soules

WKTV Meteorologist Bill Kardas with Barringer Road volunteer Grandma Soules

Photo of Barringer Road first grade students

Students listen with interest to WKTV Meteorologist Bill Kardas as he discusses weather.