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Taking steps toward Jarvis renovation

Jarvis Middle School neighbors and school visitors will soon notice a growing collection of storage containers and dumpsters behind the school. This is the first step toward emptying Jarvis in preparation for its compete renovation, which begins this summer.

Contractors expect to begin work right after July 4th, leaving insufficient time to remove every book, desk, computer, etc. School staff and the construction management company are working out practical ways to begin that process before students leave in June.

“We need to balance the pressure to vacate the building with our primary responsibility—to educate our students in a safe environment,” said Central Valley superintendent Jeremy Rich.

Rich said he expects things will start slowly, by gradually moving and storing nonessential items. As the deadline approaches, work will ramp up.

“It is a little nerve wracking, but it’s exciting at the same time. And we can’t help but look forward to a beautiful new Jarvis when it is over,” he said.