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Taking steps to preserve our past

Photo of Mr. Humphrey in the foreground with suspended banners behind.

Central Valley Director of Secondary Education & Operations Jim Humphrey checks out the newly hung sports banners over the CVA indoor track. The banners are one of the first steps to proudly display the past accomplishments of Central Valley, Mohawk and Ilion students.

Central Valley School District is busy creating space at Central Valley Academy to recognize the academic, athletic, and career accomplishments of all of our students—Ilion, Mohawk, and Central Valley.

“One of the questions we asked ourselves two years ago, was how to recognize our schools’ former scholars and athletes. Unfortunately, other things took priority; we had to deal with the big pieces of the merger. Two years into the merger, we are finally able to tackle this,” said Jim Humphrey, Central Valley Director of Secondary Education & Operations.

Over the years, Ilion and Mohawk schools accumulated mountains of plaques, trophies, certificates and banners. In two years, Central Valley has added even more.

“We want people to be able to see as many of these honors as possible. So, we have developed a plan to display many of these items. We haven’t worked out all of the details, but we have taken first steps,” he said.

Following is a summary of the plan to date:

  • Sectional and state sports trophies will be displayed in the main trophy case in the CVA lobby.
  • Banners will be hung over the indoor track in the CVA large gymnasium.
  • Individual sports scholarship and award plaques will be mounted on the wall in the south hallway outside the CVA large gymnasium.
  • Tournament awards and individual athlete awards will be photographed and displayed digitally on a large screen in the CVA lobby.
  • Individual sports records (times, points, etc.) will be displayed on a letterboard outside the CVA large gymnasium.
  • Wrestling memorabilia will be displayed in the CVA wrestling gymnasium

Other portions to be determined:

  • Academic and arts plaques and awards may be displayed in an area near the CVA cafeteria once renovations are complete (estimated 2017).
  • Sports league titles may be displayed somewhere near the CVA large gymnasium.

Missing awards?

Mr. Humphrey also asked for the community’s help locating awards.

“Some people remember awards that we have not found. It’s possible that during the merger or during the flood, well meaning individuals moved those awards for safekeeping. If anyone knows the specific locations of any banner, trophy, plaque or other honor, please contact me so we can insure its appropriately displayed in our school for all to see.

Alumni Hall of Fame

Also planned is an Alumni Hall of Fame to recognize the exceptional accomplishments of graduates after they left Mohawk, Ilion, or Central Valley.

“The goal is more than to simply honor someone for being successful in his or her endeavors. A hall of fame represents to our students, staff and community, life’s endless possibilities when we commit ourselves to excellence,” said Superintendent Rich Hughes.

He envisions a wide range of businesspeople, educators, researchers and athletes among the first round of inductees. Specific criteria for consideration has yet to be determined, but he said he expects some sort of nomination form and board to review nominations. That information will be shared on the district website and social media outlets as soon as school officials decide the process