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Barringer changes June 2 dismissal for Ride for Missing Children

For the first time, the Ride for Missing Children will be making a stop at Barringer Road Elementary School.

Almost 500 riders and 200 support people will cruise into Barringer Road 2:15-2:50 p.m. on Friday, June 2. They will rest, rehydrate, and use the rest rooms. They will release 500 pink balloons into the sky and pose for a photo.

That means lots of people and no parking available at dismissal time.

Dismissal procedures for June 2

The riders will arrive at the school beginning at 2:15 and will not depart until 2:51.  Also, the riders will park their bicycles in our school parking lot during the visit, forcing our faculty and staff to park in the Moose parking lot that day.  This means the areas we normally use for car rider and walker dismissal will be full. Working with law enforcement and ride organizers, we have developed the following dismissal procedure to avoid interfering with the riders and to safely accommodate our car riders and walkers:

  1. Bus riders will depart from school at their regular time—nothing will change for them.
  2. Car riders and walkers will get on a bus and be transported to the corner of George Street and Harriet Street alongside South 5th field at approximately 3:15. Cars may to line up along Harriet Street as they wait for students (Please leave homeowners with open access to the driveways). We will keep students safely on the buses, releasing five at a time to get into the cars.  The line will work like a roller coaster—once we fill five cars, they will leave; the next five will move forward and repeat the process until we are done.  View a map of what it will look like and how it will work.
  3. Students not picked up at George and Harriet will be returned to school to await their parents/guardians.

Only buses, the bicyclists, and their safety vehicles will be allowed onto school property.  Community members are encouraged to park on inside streets and then walk to the edge of Barringer Road to support the riders as they come and go.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Barringer Road Elementary at 894-8420.