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Student conduct—a reminder to parents and students

As school activities resume, Central Valley Superintendent Jeremy Rich reminds students and their families of the district’s policies concerning student conduct outside of school.

“Central Valley students who participate in extracurricular activities such as interscholastic sports, musicals, etc. agree to maintain their grades and to behave responsibly at school and outside school,” he said.

“We make it clear from the beginning that these programs are a privilege. Students who step on the field or the stage represent our entire school to the rest of the community. We expect the very best from them at all times.”

Those expectations include not engaging in unsafe or illegal activities such as using alcohol, tobacco or nicotine products, or illegal drugs. That also means not being present where those activities take place.

“We feel compelled to talk about this because we have learned that law enforcement is investigating events that involved some of our students this summer,” Rich said.

“These took place before the beginning of our school season, so we have no direct involvement. Anything that happens now that we have begun sports, however, will directly affect a student’s right to participate in extracurricular activities.”

Student athletes and artists agree to a code of conduct. Students who violate that code risk losing the privilege to participate.

“We are asking that students use good judgment when deciding how to spend their time outside school. We are also asking parents to help their children make wise choices,” he said.