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Student Council plays key role at Jarvis

If something exciting is happening at Jarvis Middle School, there is good chance that the school’s student council is involved. Whether promoting school spirit or reaching out to the community, this group of 102 students is actively a part of the school’s daily life.

“Community service and school fun are the biggest part of what we do,” said Student Council Advisor Michael Arcuri.

The council represents the entire student body. Each Advisory elects two students to represent their interests to the council.

Advisory is a 20-minute block that begins each day. During Advisory, an adult meets with the same small group of students, taking care of routine housekeeping like announcements and attendance, then moving on to other activities designed to build a sense of community and culture within their group. The goal is to work together to help each other stay organized and to be successful in all areas of school. Together with other advisories, they contribute to a positive school environment that is a safe place for all.

It is a challenge to keep such a large group on track.

At the council’s most recent meeting, they wrestled with selecting the theme for each day of Jarvis’ upcoming Spirit Week. Students volunteered all sorts of ideas, from Super Hero Day to Pajama Day. By the time they finished, Mr. Arcuri had a list of more than 20 different themes. Amidst cheers and groans, members voted on the themes. In the end, the top three were clear winners with another four or five tied for the fourth/fifth place. Mr. Arcuri passed the results on to Principal Melissa Hoskey to approve the top choices and to break the tie for the remaining two choices.

All of the effort is worth it to Mr. Arcuri. He points to the long list of projects the council will undertake this year:

  • Hat Day—students pay a fee to wear a hat during school to raise money for the Herkimer County Humane Society.
  • Pennies for Patients—students donate spare change to raise money for the Leukemia Society.
  • Operation Gratitude—students write cards and letter to servicemen and servicewomen.
  • Food Pantry Collections—students donate non-perishable food items that are passed on to the Frankfort-Ilion and Mohawk-Herkimer food banks.
  • Holiday Door Decorating—a fun and creative activity challenging each classroom to celebrate the holiday season by decorating the class door.
  • School Dances and Fun Nights—safe, fun after school activities for all grades.
  • Spirit Week—a week’s worth of fun to celebrate Jarvis school spirit.
Group photo of Student Council members

2014-15 Student Council members

This year’s council members are:

Fifth grade: Hannah Adorino, Michael Conley, Collin Dayton, Gianna Frank, Ava Judd, Gabriella Lawrence, Joseph Mitchell, Savannah Moore, Caden Morris, Kaelin Napoli, Madison Obreza, Jordan Sperl, Najalique Taylor, Brienna West

Sixth grade: Madison Bastien, Mason Bush, Hunter Cacciatore, Samantha Fresco, Jack Gibson, Lily Hall, Rebecca Harrigan, Joey Helmer, Connor Hook, Andrew Klosner, Jack Michael, Josh Miller, Jackson Moulton, Angelina Roberts, Carissa Roux, Leandra Steacy, Reese Wellington, Elizabeth White, Sarah Wood, Rachael Yardley

Seventh grade: Garrett Amendolare, Vincent Bastian, Kaitlyn Bush, Joshua Clanton, Alexis Cooper, Kegan DesJardins, Madyson Drury-Lennon, Breonna Dygert, Joseph Estrada, Elizabeth Fresco, Brandon Gokey, David Hobart, Eliza Jones, Michael Kaczor, Sianna Kenyon, Rew King, Mike Morra, Brady Murphy, Jack Murphy, Brennan Murray, Abby Nelms, Andrew Perry, Jazper Polidori, Kara Reinhart, Reilly Rich, Navio Rizzo, Raymond Savarese, Jesse Schofield, Abigail Shedd, Savannah Sommer, Reyann Steacy, Sylvia Taft, Ryan Talerico, Jacob Taylor, Madilyn Thomas, Ethan Tobin

Eighth grade: Kyle Brewer, Reiley Brewer, Abby Brown, Kali Brown, Mikayla Comes, Trinity Cook, Breanna Cotton, Jason Diedrich, Charles Drake, Bethany Feldman, Kolby Fical, Hunter Gookins, Lindsey Gravelding, Lucas Hartman, Braden Hoffman, Madison Hoke, Alyssa Jones, Isaiah Joyner, Lucas Kleban, Olivia Klein, Andrea Maltais, Brooke Newtown, Maximo Pena, Avauna Phillips, Charity Plows, Hunter Shaut, Alexandria Tobin, Kavon Valez, Garrett Wellington, Alois Willis, Dale Windecker, Carter Wynn