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Students explore robots with Naomi

Group photo of people and robot

Jarvis Middle School students pose with MORIC Computer Instructional Specialist Laurie Yager and Naomi, a programmable, interactive robot.

On Tuesday, Dec. 8, students at Barringer Road Elementary, Fisher Elementary and Jarvis Middle School got a close look at a highly sophisticated robot.

Naomi is a programmable, interactive robot belonging to Mohawk-Oneida Regional Information Center (MORIC). Laurie Yager, MORIC Computer Instructional Specialist demonstrated the robot’s capabilities and answered student questions.

Naomi is a NAO (pronounced “now”) robot designed by French-based Aldebaran. Naomi’s lifelike motions and inquisitive programmed responses left children mesmerized and had some wondering if she felt real emotion.

The goal of the day was to introduce students to robots and to spur their interest in future courses, extracurricular activities and possible careers in programming and coding.

Learn more in the following video: