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Students compete for top culinary creations

Photo of cupcakesIn Mrs. Nasypany’s Family and Consumer Science classes students challenge each other to see who can come out on top with their culinary creations. In the Culinary Nutrition and Baking classes she frequently holds challenges based upon popular Food Network competition shows. School staff serve as judges, conducting blind tastings, then scoring each dish based on flavor, appearance and presentation. Mrs. Nasypany’s classroom chefs have become so talented that it has become a privilege for teachers and administrators to judge.  In January CVA students competed in Riggiefest and Cupcake Wars competitions.

Riggiefest was held on Jan. 16 in the Culinary Nutrition class. The winners are:

Period 2

  • Christopher Lander
  • Kealan Doherty
  • Reece Harrod
  • Xavier Mayo
  • Richard Blaise
  • Gary Bemis

Period 8

  • Dan Hectus
  • Bryce Jewell
  • Jocelyn Kelly
  • Adam Matthews
  • Elyssa Hight

Cupcake Wars was held on Jan. 23 in the Baking class. The winners are:

Period 1

  • Frank Sierak
  • Claudette (CJ) Baber Parker
  • Brenna Brewer
  • Destiny Bush
  • Allie Steffen
  • Bethany Windecker

Period 7

  • Michael Bergin
  • Steven Bergin
  • Clay Colburn
  • Dakota mcCaw
  • Alexander Schmidt

Photo of judges tasting riggies Photo of students cooking riggiesPhoto of judges judging Photo of students presenting cupcakes to judges
Photo of cupcakes
Photo of cupcakesPhoto of cupcakes