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Students learn conflict resolution strategies

Group photo

Lauren Bush, Leonard Kennedy, Derek Lawrence and Garrett Wellington complete the course.

A group of 19 CVA students recently completed the Catholic Charities Peace Treaty Peer Mediation Training program. The students learned to develop and refine the skills for effective communication, skills enabling them to resolve peer disputes.

A peer mediation model looks at conflict as a problem that needs to be fixed or an opportunity to reach an agreement. Trained student mediators listen to both sides of a student conflict and then help the parties find a mutually agreeable solution. The program reduces the need for adult intervention while empowering the students to resolve disputes by themselves.

group photo

CVA students completed peer mediation training to help resolve student conflicts. Picture are: (back left to right) Luke Tulloch, Alex Roux, Rene Sumanasuriya, (front left to right) Emma Doherty, Lindsey Gravelding, Cassidy French, Grace Laporte, Emily Feldman, Ally Ratcliff, Alyssa Piccione, Cecelia Brown, Cayenne Matthie, Charity Plows and Kiara Hanford

Completing the training were Cecelia Brown, Lauren Bush, Emma Doherty, Emily Feldman, Cassidy French, Lindsey Gravelding, Kiara Hanford, Leonard Kennedy, Grace Laporte, Derek Lawrence, Ian Markwardt, Cayenne Matthie, Alyssa Piccione, Charity Plows, Ally Ratcliffe, Alex Roux, Rene Sumanasuriya, Luke Tulloch, and Garrett Wellington.