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Students shine at CVA evening of arts

Photo of student speaking at a podium CVA students shared their talents with the community at the school’s “Writing and Fine Arts Showcase” on Thursday, May 7.

The students presented a wide array of original art, music, literature and food presented by students participating in the school’s literature and arts programs.

The evening featured:

  • Appetizers catered by Kathy Nasypany’s International Foods and Baking classes,
  • Vocal solos by Mark Bunce’s New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) students,
  • Chamber music by Cathy Thielke’s string ensemble,
  • Multiple pieces of art created by Winnie Dunn-Jones’ Studio Art and Advanced Art students,
  • Event programs created by Sarah Seamon’s Sports and Entertainment Marketing class, and
  • Original literature read by Amy Billings’ CVA Writing Club members.

Recognizing creative excellence

“Our schools do a wonderful job recognizing academic and athletic accomplishments. This event was a chance to acknowledge those students who excel in the arts,” said the evening’s organizer CVA English teacher Amy Billings.

Mrs Billings said this was an opportunity for students who love painting, writing, music, graphic design and culinary arts to demonstrate a little of what they have learned at CVA.

“In addition to scientists and computer programmers, our world needs the creative talents of students such as these who add beauty and depth to our busy lives,” she said.

photo of student working with clay
Photot of refreshement table

photo of young lady serving punch
photo of people in the lobby

photo of young lady serving hors d'ouvres
photo of shorts made in sewing course

photo of artwork on wallsPhoto of girl taping label to wall
photo of string ensemble playing
photo of young ladies setting up for the event