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Student’s threat raises concerns at Jarvis

Late on Tuesday, Feb. 10, Jarvis officials discovered a message making a future threat had been written on a bathroom stall. Officials followed school procedures and immediately notified the Mohawk Police Department. School administrators examined the details of the threat and determined there was no immediate danger to students or staff.

Assistant Principal Gina Ciaccia initiated an investigation that soon identified the student who was then disciplined according to district policy.

Principal Melissa Hoskey said parents’ concerns were heightened when report of the incident appeared in social media.

“We learned that some parents had become understandably concerned by what they read online and wondered why they had not heard anything from the school. They did not know that we had already identified the student and the situation was settled before the post appeared,” she said.

Superintendent Rich Hughes said the Jarvis staff and administration responded quickly and appropriately, dealing with the threat.

“Everyone did exactly as we expect. They discovered the problem, carefully analyzed the situation and acted appropriately. They did an excellent job,” he said.

He also encouraged parents to contact their child’s school anytime they have questions or concerns.

“Things like this affect our entire Thunder community. We can’t risk partial or inaccurate information creating fears. I can’t say it enough; call school when you have a concern ,” he said.