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Students to vote on new district mascot and colors

Central Valley students in grades 4-11 will vote on Friday, May 17 to select the school’s new mascot and colors.

Students will choose from (see the mascot and color concepts (PDF) poster):

  • Eagles (black, gold and white)
  • Eagles (navy blue, silver and white)
  • Patriots (navy blue, silver and white with a red highlight)
  • Thunder (light blue, navy blue and white with yellow highlight)
  • Thunder (navy blue, silver and white)
  • Thunder (black, gold and white)
  • Wildcats (black, gold and white)
  • Wildcats (navy blue, silver and white)

The vote is the final step in a process that began just six weeks after Ilion and Mohawk voters approved the school merger on Feb. 12. A School Identity Transition Team made up of 15 students from the two schools brainstormed names for the new district. Those names were put before their grades 4-11 classmates for a vote on April 24. The students chose the name Central Valley.

The team reconvened to develop a list of possible colors and mascots for another student vote.

Working with Mohawk graduate Hal Hefner, now a graphic artist in Los Angeles, the team narrowed its choices. Mr. Hefner took those ideas and presented his proposed designs back to the team via a teleconference on Tuesday, May 7.

Color posters showing the choices are in each of the schools in advance of the vote.