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Superintendent Hughes challenges Class of 2015

At Central Valley Academy’s graduation on Friday, June 26, Superintendent of Schools Rich Hughes offered the Class of 2015 the following encouragement and challenge:

Good evening and welcome to family, friends, staff, faculty and most importantly to our graduates.  Thank you for the privilege and honor to speak to you for a few short moments on this momentous occasion.  No doubt, as this day has approached, you all have received many words of advice and congratulations from those around you and even from those you may not even know.  Most likely I fall into the latter category since coming to Central Valley only six months ago.

Many of you have been waiting for this day since first stepping into the halls of Fisher, Barringer Road or Remington for Kindergarten.  Well, your day, the day, has finally arrived.  Congratulations on your worthy achievement.  You have overcome many challenges and obstacles along the way to get here, but you are here.  You made it!  Each of you have your own unique stories and memories of how you got here to this very important day.  Cherish those memories.  It’s those memories and special moments that make you who you are.  No one can ever take them away from you.

Those moments came from those around you, who have supported you and helped you grow into the fine young adults you have become.  Thank those people that have had a positive impact on your life because you never know when or if the opportunity will arise again.  When you leave the gym today, as a graduate of the Class of 2015 and start your journey in the new world before you, I ask that you take on one more challenge. My personal challenge.

No matter where you go or what you do, work to create those special moments for others around you. Have a positive impact on the lives that you touch whether it’s through family, serving your community, or your chosen career. Leave a lasting impression on others to show them what it means to come from the Mohawk Valley, what it means to be from Central Valley. No matter how near or how far your travels take you, do everything in your power so others will hear the mighty rumble of Thunder that emanates from deep within each of you.  To put it simply, go out into the world and take it by storm!  Thank you.