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Superintendent upholds prom decision

Central Valley School District Superintendent Rich Hughes determined Saturday that school officials had acted appropriately in telling sophomore Destiny Bush that she could not attend the school’s 2015 junior prom.
Dr. Hughes decided to review the circumstances after learning of an article in the Saturday edition of the Utica Observer-Dispatch even though there wasn’t an appeal or notification to his office.
“After carefully investigating the situation, I determined that our administrators made the correct decision. The young lady does not have sufficient credits to be considered a junior even with the extra course she is taking this year” he said.
He said that fact is undeniable. With regard to next year’s prom, he said she was welcome to attend.
“Regardless of the number of credits she accumulates, she will still be a member of her class and be able to attend prom. If she meets graduation requirements early next year, she will also be welcome to attend senior events,” he said.
Dr. Hughes commented that school officials were surprised by the student’s decision to use the media to challenge the decision.
“Miss Bush was told of this decision in March. She made no further appeals nor did she even attempt to purchase a prom ticket,” he said. “We will continue to review our policies and procedures to determine if there is anything we can do to avoid a similar unfortunate situation in the future.”u