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Thorp receives DAR Good Citizen Award

Photo of DAR Citizen Award winner Rachael Thorp with Asst Principal Richard Keeler, DAR representative Carolyn Beran, Principal Renee Rudd

Assistant Principal Richard Keeler, DAR representative Carolyn Beran, DAR Citizen Award recipient Rachael Thorp, and Principal Renee Rudd

Rachael Thorp has been named the recipient of the Col. Marinus Willett-Mohawk Valley Chapter’s Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizens Award. The award recognizes an outstanding young person in the senior class who demonstrates qualities of a good citizen through their contributions to the school and community. Award recipients are also able to participate in the the scholarship portion of the program. Scholarship applicants submit a detailed list of academic and civic accomplishments and future plans with letters of recommendation and a 550-word essay.

Rachael is involved in many activities and has taken on a demanding workload of Advanced Regents level and Advanced Placement courses. This year she was selected to participate in the Program of Excellence which will give her over 70 hours of job shadowing experience gaining a great insight into the medical field.

Rachael’s guidance counselor and teachers are very impressed with her strength of character. She has proven to be a very well-rounded individual and a positive role model for others. She is ambitious, bright, and a leader able to inspire others and create working teams. Rachael is a member of Student Council, National Honor Society, Chamber Choir, Drama Club and participates on the Central Valley soccer, basketball and track teams.