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Thunder artists to display at Herkimer Youth show

photo of three girls with their art

Fisher students Aniya Bosch, Gia Gatto, and Julianna He are among 20 Central Valley School District who will display their art at the 2016 Herkimer County Art Educators Youth Art Show at Bassett Healthcare in Herkimer.

Feb. 22 through Apr. 1, 20 Central Valley Central School artists will display their works in the 2016 Herkimer County Art Educators Youth Art Month exhibit at Bassett Healthcare in Herkimer. The exhibit showcases outstanding art work of local art students as part of March is Youth Art Month. It also underscores the value of art education and recognizes art as a necessity for the full development of skills, knowledge and cultural awareness within the total academic curriculum.

The artists and their families are invited to an Artist Reception 5-6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Mar. 1 at the Bassett Healthcare building. The students will receive participation certificates at 6 p.m.

Each of the district’s art teachers submitted pieces on behalf of their students.

“It’s great that so many young artists will have the chance to see their works on display and that our teachers are giving our students opportunities beyond the four walls of our buildings,” said Superintendent Rich Hughes.

This year’s group of Thunder artists spanning prekindergarten through grade 12 is the largest to be included.

Participating are:

  • Bryce Talarico PK
  • Ripley Hoyt K
  • Payton Flihan 1
  • Emma Watkins 2
  • Aniya Bosch 3
  • Julianna He 3
  • Salvatore Pronti  3
  • Gia Gatto 4
  • Zoe Penner 6
  • Schuyler Kloczkowski  6
  • Reese Luke 6
  • Brienna West 6
  • Jenna Duffy 8
  • Sahvanna Failing  8
  • Emily Madison 8
  • Hannah Frank 9
  • Anna Mead 10
  • Cecelia Countryman  10
  • Sade DeLos Santos  11
  • Courtney Beach 12
Group photo of six student with their art

Jarvis students Emily Madison, Reese Luke, Schuyler Kloczkowski,
Zoe Penner, and Brianna West

Photo of girl with her art

Jarvis student Jenna Duffy

Photo of girl with her art

Jarvis student Sahvanna Failing