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Still time to take the post graduation survey

Graphic inviting people to click on the graphic to take surveyThere is still time for Ilion, Mohawk and Central Valley graduates to take a post-graduate survey about their school experiences.

Administrators want as many responses as possible to get a more accurate picture of how well high school prepared students for their continued education and careers.

Since posted on the Jan. 7, 152 graduates completed the survey. Roughly two thirds of those respondents graduated since 2000. The remaining third go back as far as the Class of 1958.

Why a survey?

Schools teach, monitor and test their students for 13 years, but what happens after students leave high school? Were they prepared for college or the workplace? What was good? What could have been better?

The district will use that information to make improvements to everything from classrooms to guidance.

“We want to know how we did for all of our students. This is an important step if we are going to take an objective look at ourselves and then make Central Valley School the best it can be,” said Superintendent of Schools Richard Hughes.