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Today’s physical education is more than gym class

Give any Central Valley physical education teacher the chance and he or she will quickly tell you, “This isn’t gym class!”

Physical education is no longer a bunch of guys learning to dribble a basketball or girls chasing a badminton birdie. This class gives students the tools to make smart decisions—now and in the future. It incorporates a physical component that includes physical activity, recreation, health, and nutrition. It also reinforces positive character, sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership, personal responsibility, and hard work.

“We’re giving students physical and character skills they need in life. Even kids who struggle in a classroom learn they can be successful in my class regardless of their physical abilities. They will use these lesson in their jobs and their relationships,” said CVA physical education teacher Brian Lasowski.

The Physical Education Department is working to fully implement a PreK-12 curriculum tied to specific standards and learning objectives. Students continue to exercise (and sweat), but also take paper and online quizzes to be certain they are learning the material.

“We want everyone to know that physical education is a serious class and that we are educators who take what we do seriously,” CVA PE teacher Jonna Costin.

For a peek inside a physical education lesson, watch the video below: