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A new tradition begins—seniors walk the elementary and middle schools

The Central Valley Academy Class of 2016 launched a new tradition on Thursday, May 19, the CVA Graduates Parade of Champions. Fully dressed in their graduation caps and gowns, the class walked through the halls of Barringer Road Elementary, Fisher Elementary, and Jarvis Middle School.

The younger students lined the halls in the buildings, cheering on the seniors. At Fisher, students waved signs offering congratulations.

CVA Principal Dick Keeler said he owes thanks to community members and staff in the other schools for the idea.

“This is awesome for our kids,” he said.

“Teachers see kids they taught earlier in school. The graduates see the impact they have on younger students.”

He also recognizes the lasting impression this might have on a young student.

“This might keep that child, who might not have graduated from school, in school, because he or she wants to be like these graduates,” he said.