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A new tradition as CVA teachers applaud retirees

At the end of the school day on Monday, June 13, CVA faculty kicked off a new tradition to honor their retiring fellow teachers during the retirees’ last teaching periods.

The plan was simple according to CVA media specialist Steve Inzer who helped organize the event.

“Any teacher with a free period was asked to gather outside the door of the retiree, all enter his/her classroom together and simply clap,” he said.

“It was simply recognizing, teacher to teacher, the tremendous career and accomplishment of each individual. No speeches, no gifts—just recognition, adulation, and praise in the form of applause.”

Honored were social studies teacher Nick Netti, health teacher Karen Anderson, special education teacher Stephanie Wisbeski and math teacher Dave Appleton.

For a taste of what took place in each room, watch the group enter Dave Appleton’s last math class.