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Transition team narrows list of colors and mascots

Photo of Identity Team membersThe Ilion-Mohawk School Identity Transition Team met Monday, April 29 narrowing their list of school district colors and mascots that they will bring to their fellow students for a vote in the near future.

The group began by reviewing ideas shared with the group by Mohawk graduate Hal Hefner who now works as a graphic artist in Los Angeles. Mr. Hefner had previously met twice with the team via teleconferencing to present his professional opinions concerning color schemes and mascot designs. On Monday, Superintendent Cosimo Tangorra suggested the team meet on its own.

“We have adults on the team and Mr. Hefner who have great ideas, but their role is to help guide the process. In the end, the students will make the decisions. It is the students’ opinions that really matter,” said Mr. Tangorra.

Although the School Identity Team is only responsible for putting together a group of color and mascot choices, rumors on social media sites suggested the team had actually made the final decision.

“Students on the committee obviously have their personal favorites. Some of that trickled out into the community after the last meeting giving people the impression that the decisions were already made. That is untrue. The committee will bring forward a finalized list to their classmates and then all students grade 4-11 will vote on that list,” he said.

Sitting at computers in the Jarvis Media Center, the students reviewed Mr. Hefner’s suggestions and then jumped on the Internet to look for new ideas. Students looked at colors and mascots from a wide variety of professional, college and high school teams. The students considered mascots such as gryphons (mythological creatures with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle), lightning and tigers.

By the end of the evening, the group settled on the following list to explore further:


  • Black and gold (one current color from each school)
  • Black, silver and white
  • Blue, silver and white


  • Eagles
  • Panthers
  • Patriots
  • Thunder
  • Wildcats

The team is forwarding the list to Mr. Hefner for his creative input. The group will then meet again within two weeks.