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Transition teams named; meeting dates set

To begin the transition from two separate school districts into the Ilion-Mohawk Central School District, the districts have jointly created Transition Advisory Teams. These teams include volunteers of school personnel, students and community members. They will examine 11 key areas to offer suggestions to the new board of education and administration that would smooth the transition process.

Those areas include athletics, cafeteria, clubs/extracurricular activities, media centers/libraries, operations and maintenance, programs/curriculum, scholarship, school identity, technology and transportation.

After the initial meetings, each team will establish its own meeting schedule. Each team’s meetings will alternate between communities. All meetings will begin at 7 p.m. and end no later than 8:30 p.m.

Below is a listing of the individual teams, their members and their initial meeting dates:


Work completed; recommendations to be presented to Board of Education at May 14 meeting.

  • Renee Rudd, Admin
  • Cindy Stocker, Admin
  • Robert McCann, AD-Ilion
  • Lisa Upson, AD-Mohawk
  • Linda Kudrewicz, Employee-Mohawk
  • Luke Judd, Teacher-Mohawk
  • Jeff Mower, Teacher-Mohawk
  • Ed Bracken, Comm-Ilion
  • Gary A. Urich, Comm-Mohawk
  • Ralph Hale, Parent-Ilion
  • Brandon Yager, Student-Ilion
  • Nick Bandel, Student-Ilion
  • Cara Briggs, Student-Mohawk
  • Megan Connor, Student-Mohawk


Awaiting information before scheduling next meeting.

  • Barb Cristman, Employee-Ilion
  • Linda McGovern, Employee-Mohawk
  • Lisa VanWinkler, Employee-Ilion
  • Ken Long, Business Mgr.
  • David LiBritz, MEU/NYSUT
  • Pat Kelly, CSEA
  • Nancy Ratcliff, Parent-Ilion
  • Jon Burns, Parent-Mohawk
  • Alyson Ratcliff, Student-Ilion
  • Unfilled, Student-Mohawk
  • Ginny Knapp, CSEA

Clubs/Extracurricular Activities

Work completed; recommendations presented to Board of Education at Apr. 18 meeting.

  • Renee Rudd, Admin
  • Cindy Stocker, Admin
  • Shannon Buttacaroli, Guidance-Mohawk
  • Shannon Darrow, Guidance-Ilion
  • Amy Brien, Teacher
  • Melissa Burns, Parent-Mohawk
  • Laura Wastowicz, Parent-Ilion
  • Ramona Gassmann, Parent-Mohawk
  • Garrett Olds, Parent-Teacher-Ilion
  • Johna Cusworth, Student-Mohawk
  • Chloie Rood, Student-Mohawk
  • Fred Schell, Student-Mohawk
  • Rob Matousek, Student-Ilion
  • Linnsey Buckley, Student-Ilion
  • Taylor Lindig, Student-Ilion

Media Centers/Libraries

Tuesday, May 14 at 6:30 p.m. in Ilion CSD Barringer Rd Library/Media Center

  • Marsha Mays-Smith, Admin
  • Tom Giammaria, Teacher-Mohawk
  • Steve Inzer, Teacher-Ilion
  • Nick Netti, Teacher-Ilion
  • Don Sawyer, Maintenance-Mohawk
  • Brady Boyd, Maintenance-Ilion
  • Unfilled, RIC


Work completed; recommendations to be presented to Board of Education at May 14 meeting

  • Don Sawyer, Maintenance-Mohawk
  • Brady Boyd, Maintenance-Ilion
  • Bill Coffin, Parent-Ilion
  • Scott Radcliff, Parent-Ilion
  • Paul Lynch, Parent/Comm-Ilion
  • Tim Brien, Comm-Mohawk
  • Rev. Brian Engel, Comm-Mohawk


Thursday, May 2 at 7 p.m. in Ilion CSD High School Gudance Office

  • Marsha Mays-Smith, Admin
  • Cindy Stocker, Admin
  • Laurie Hedges, BOCES
  • Brittani Canipe, Teacher-Ilion
  • Margaret Haggerty, Teacher-Ilion
  • Adrienne Watson, Teacher-Mohawk
  • Melanie Miller, Teacher-Mohawk
  • Keara Battisti, Teacher-Mohawk
  • Frank McGrath, Teacher-Mohawk
  • Colleen Bunce, Teacher-Mohawk/Parent
  • Denise Mabbett, Comm-Mohawk
  • Melissa Hoskey, Comm-Mohawk
  • Cara Johnson, Comm-Ilion
  • Joe Panko, Comm-Ilion
  • Father Cunningham, Comm-Ilion


  • Shannon Buttacaroli, Guidance-Mohawk
  • Michelle DelConte, Guidance-Ilion
  • Lisa Van Winkler, Treasurer
  • Ellen Luppino, Employee-Ilion
  • Bonnie Coffin, Parent-Ilion
  • Pat Brien, Parent-Ilion
  • Audrey Bunce, Student-Mohawk
  • John Gilmartin, Ilion Foundation
  • Bob Mocko, Ilion Foundation
  • Scott Grates, Ilion Foundation
  • Unfilled, Mohawk Community Club
  • Unfilled, Jarvis Committee

School Identity

Monday, April 29 at 7 p.m. in Mohawk CSD Jarvis Library/Media Center

  • Renee Rudd, Admin
  • Cindy Stocker, Admin
  • Ken Long, Business Mgr.
  • Carly Gassmann, Student-Mohawk
  • Alicia Ceneviva, Student-Mohawk
  • Samantha Hyde, Student-Mohawk
  • Tim Rathbun, Student-Mohawk
  • Adrianna Sportello, Student-Mohawk
  • Abby Schultz, Student-Mohawk
  • Philip Bodwell, Student-Mohawk
  • Brianna Sponburgh, Student-Mohawk
  • Brooke Newtown, Student-Ilion
  • Sydni Congilaro, Student-Ilion
  • Justin Jones, Student-Ilion
  • Jordan Thomes, Student-Ilion
  • Mackenzie Lynch, Student-Ilion
  • Ian Wiernicki, Student-Ilion
  • Kara Garrison, Student-Ilion
  • Molly Bonnell, Comm-Mohawk
  • Jen Mower, Comm-Mohawk
  • Joanne Moore, Comm-Ilion
  • Barbara Lennox, Comm-Ilion
  • Hal Hefner, Design/Logo

Special Education

Work completed; recommendations to be presented to Board of Education at May 14 meeting

  • Marsha Mays-Smith, Admin-Ilion
  • Tracey Voce, Admin-Ilion
  • Lisa Hoffman, Admin-Mohawk
  • Ken Long, Business Mgr.
  • Kelly Macisco,  Teacher-Ilion
  • Lori Slaughter, Teacher-Ilion
  • Stephanie Wisbeski, Teacher-Mohawk
  • Debbie English, Employee-Mohawk
  • Jennifer Pedersen, Parent-Ilion


Wednesday, May 8 at 7 p.m. in Mohawk CSD High School Conference Room

  • Marsha Mays-Smith, Admin-Ilion
  • John Kearney, Teacher-Ilion
  • Molly Ciallelo, Teacher-Mohawk
  • Tom Giammaria, Teacher-Mohawk
  • Gail Hoffman, Comm-Ilion
  • Terri Sterling, Comm-Mohawk


Tuesday, April 30 at 6:30 p.m. in Mohawk CSD Library/Media Center

  • Chad Francisco, Employee-Mohawk
  • Joanne Darrow, Birnie Bus Rep.
  • Peter North, Employee-Mohawk
  • David LiBritz, Employee-Mohawk
  • Amanda Dahl, Student-Mohawk
  • Dorian Oeser, Student-Mohawk
  • Andrew Pickett, Student-Mohawk
  • Ben Stone, Student-Ilion
  • Abigail McCann, Student-Ilion
  • Zach Fresco, Student-Ilion
  • Bob Bronner, Comm-Mohawk
  • Orbano LaPorte, Comm-Mohawk
  • Chuck Mower, Comm-Mohawk
  • Brad Darrow, Parent-Ilion