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Go for zero waste lunch at CVA

Central Valley Academy will be sponsoring a Zero Waste Lunch Day on April 9 in order to begin the next step in recycling!

For this event, students will be asked to bring lunches that include as many items as possible that can be eaten, recycled, or composted and as few items as possible that must be thrown away. Please use items that are packaged in reusable packaging. We need the help of all parents/guardians to make this event a success.

  • Instead of using plastic baggies, put sandwiches in reusable Tupperware containers. If you must use plastic bags, don’t throw them away- reuse them again.
  • Avoid individually or pre-packaged single-serve items such as snacks like chips, string cheese, cookies and drinks.
  • Pack lunches with washable utensils instead of disposable forks and spoons.
  • Pack reusable cloth napkins rather than paper napkins.
  • Prepare extra food at dinnertime and use the leftovers for lunches.
  • Only pack as much food as your child will eat.
  • Label all containers with your name so they will have a better chance of coming home.
  • Cut large items up so your children can save food for after-school snacking or recess.

At Central Valley Academy we feel it is important to teach our students waste reduction, reuse and recycling and demonstrate that they can make positive changes for the Earth in their everyday lives. The Zero Waste Lunch Project aims to show our students that simply throwing things away when we are finished wastes valuable natural resources and energy and causes pollution. We hope to inspire them to make small changes, like packing zero waste lunches, to make a difference for the Earth’s health.

A waste-free lunch


  • Lunches in reusable containers
  • Treats in reusable containers
  • Drinks in a thermos or reusable liquid containers
  • Wrap sandwiches in aluminum foil
  • A cloth napkin
  • Reusable utensils when needed
  • A reusable lunchbox or backpack

A disposable lunch


  • Lunches packed in plastic bags, plastic wrap or waxed paper
  • Prepackaged lunches
  • Prepackaged single-serve lunch items
  • Paper napkins
  • Disposable drink pouches or bags
  • Disposable forks and spoons

The four R’s of recycling


  • Cut down on packaging and food waste by purchasing fresh produce and bulk bin items and reusing your bags.


  • Pack lunch in reusable containers. Use a refillable drink bottle, a cloth napkin, and reusable utensils.


  • Search out recycling bins instead of tossing recyclables in the trash. If you can’t find a recycle bin at work or school, take you recyclables home.


  • Start a compost pile at home, work, or school. If you’re low on space, opt for a worm bin.