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Winter’s here – take extra precautions

With the arrival of winter weather comes the need to take extra precautions against the cold, snow and wintry weather. Although school staff works hard to keep Central Valley’s building and grounds safe for all students, staff, and visitors, everyone is reminded to take steps to ensure personal safety and the safety of others:

  • Wear seasonally appropriate clothing – Cars and buses may be warm, but a fire alarm could leave you outside in the cold wearing shorts or short sleeves.
  • Watch for wet floors in buildings – Mats and carpets at entrances limit the melting snow on school floors and custodians routinely dry floors, but boots can carry snow far into the building.
  • Watch for slippery sidewalks – The maintenance staff works hard to keep sidewalks free of snow and ice, but sudden temperature changes and snow squalls can make walking a challenge.
  • Drive with extra care – Allow extra stopping distance; watch for pedestrians cutting across parking lots and walking along our roadways.
  • Watch carefully around construction areas – All construction sites are fenced to prevent unauthorized access, but vehicles and workers occasionally move in and out of those areas.

Dressing for the cold? Think windchill

graphic three cartoon children wearing progressively warmer clothing to match cool, cold, and extreme cold weather

Temperature alone is not the only factor to consider when deciding how to dress. When the wind blows, it strips protective moisture and warm air from the surface of the skin, making it seem colder than it is. The National Weather Service warns than people can suffer frostbite to unprotected skin in 30 minutes or less when the windchill is -25°F.