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WKTV co-anchor Katrina Smith visits Jarvis

On Tuesday, Dec. 17, WKTV newscaster Katrina Smith spoke about her education and career during the school’s Journeys Beyond Jarvis program.

Ms. Smith shared what it is like to co-anchor the station’s NewsChannel 2 at Daybreak and Sunrise with Jason Powles and Meteorologist Bill Kardas. The news staff meets each morning to divide up the day’s stories and decide what questions to ask. Reporters go into the field and film the pieces, return the video to the editors who put together the segments in time for the broadcast. She also talked about what it took to become a broadcaster. Writing well and taking good notes are a big part of her job.

After her presentation, she worked with five students, Gianna Frank, Jazper Polidori, Alexander Gaudio, Zoe Randall and Jenna Lyman, to create a local version of a news program. Three of the lucky five were chosen from all of the grade 5-8 students by submitting an brief essay. Two were selected from teacher nominations.

Under Ms. Smith’s guidance, the students wrote and videoed the news segments.  Teacher Frank McGrath edited the segments into the final product and converted the finished product to share with the greater school district community.

Journeys Beyond Jarvis is a 20-minute presentation by a guest speaker to any interested students. The goal is for the speaker to share a little about his or her career and what education it took to become successful.

“Students often get to high school without any idea of the career opportunities out there in the world. Our goal is to expose them in middle school to the possibilities. If they find something that interests them, they will be more likely to choose courses that move them in that direction. And they will likely do better in school,” said guidance counselor Leon Frost.

Mr. Frost, guidance counselor Shannon Buttacaroli and guidance secretary Amy Murphy coordinate the speakers for each presentation. If you have an interesting career and would like to considered as a speaker, contact Mrs. Murphy at Jarvis Middle School 866-2620 or