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2021-22 Budget

Voters approve 2021-22 budget

Central Valley School District voters went to polls on Tuesday, May 18 and approved the district’s proposed 2021-22 school budget by a margin of 401 yes — 71 no. The budget passed with 85 percent in favor. Voters also re-elected incumbents Marguerite Wesolowski and Jonah Levi to three-year terms to the board of education. They both ran unopposed.

The $51,074,162 budget increases spending 1.18 percent or $597,830 from the current year and increases the tax levy 1.45 percent or $125,000.

The final count was:

  • Yes— 401

  • No— 71

Voters also elected Marguerite Wesolowski and Jonah Levi to the Board of Education. The final count for each candidate was:

  • Marguerite Wesolowski—393

  • Jonah Levi—396

Voter approved a proposition to establish a $5-million capital reserve fund. The final count was:

  • Yes— 395

  • No— 72

Voters approved a proposition to support the Ilion Free Public Library. The final count was:

  • Yes— 407

  • No— 65

"We would like to thank our community members for their support," Superintendent Jeremy Rich.

"Central Valley partners with parents, grandparents, guardians, and the many people who quietly mentor our children. Together,  we are building up the next generation to take their part as citizens and leaders. I am proud to live in a community that embraces that belief and responsibility."

First levy increase in three years

“When we merged seven years ago, we promised to give students educational opportunities and to protect our taxpayers,” said Superintendent of Schools Jeremy Rich.

“We kept that promise. Students have access to more classes and activities. We have extremely robust technology to support learning. We carefully managed the merger aid and adjusted staffing to match our needs and held average levy increases to less than one percent per year.”

District Business Administrator James Humphrey said the levy increase is the first since 2018-19.

“We worked to keep the tax levy unchanged for the last three years,” Mr. Humphrey said.

“Normal inflation plus increases in salaries, benefits, and anticipated special education costs pushed us to ask for this 1.45 percent increase.”

Establishing a Capital Reserve Fund

Voters also approved a proposition that will allow Central Valley to establish a $5-million Capital Reserve Fund. The district will move funds into the dedicated fund that can only be used for a capital project such as a major improvement or repair.

“Essentially, we are creating a savings account to maintain our facilities,” said Mr. Humphrey.

“Just like in our homes, roofs wear out, driveways need fixing, etc. We want future boards of education and administrators to have the funds they need, even after the merger aid fades away. This will enable them to complete necessary upkeep without having to raise taxes to get it done.”

Key numbers – 2020-21 budget

  • Total spending—$51,074,162; up 1.18 percent percent or $597,830 compared to the current year

  • Tax levy—$8,725,000; increase of $125,000 or 1.45 percent

  • Board of education election—two candidates vying for two seats. Incumbents Marguerite Wesolowski and Jonah Levi will appear on the ballot in that order.

A closer look at the tax levy since the merger

As Central Valley CSD enters its ninth year since the merger in 2013, the tax levy remains lower than the combined levies of Ilion and Mohawk in 2012-13.

"Throughout the merger process, district officials repeatedly stated there were two goals in the merger, to provide greater opportunities for students and to protect our taxpayers," said District Business Administrator James Humphrey.

"Looking back on our tax levy history, the administrators and the boards of education have worked hard to keep that promise. They have done their best to wisely spend the merger aid in ways that would protect the district's long term fiscal health. The result has been academic and extracurricular opportunities, fully renovated facilities, and a tax levy that is still lower than it was prior to the merger."

Merger aid and building aid funded program and facilities improvements in the first years after the merger. Over time, school officials adjusted staffing to meet the educational needs and interests of the students. This was important because Central Valley leaders did not want to build programs that the district could not sustain once the merger aid is gone. Merger aid decreases by roughly $440,000 each year and will disappear completely in 2028-29.

The strategy has been effective thus far. Despite steadily losing the aid, tax levy increases have averaged less than one percent per year.

"School leaders have managed to slow the growth of the levy despite increases in salaries, benefits, special education costs, and general inflation," said Mr. Humphrey.

"We know we can't indefinitely absorb those increases, but we will continue to do our best to be good stewards of our community's investment in our children's education."

The following chart traces the change in the tax levy since the merger in 2013.


Combined Ilion/Mohawk 12-13

CVCSD 13-14

CVCSD 14-15

CVCSD 15-16

CVCSD 16-17

CVCSD 17-18

CVCSD 18-19

CVCSD 19-20

CVCSD 20-21

CVCSD 21-22

Tax Levy











$ Change Since Merger











% Change Since Merger







-1. 73%




Required budget information

Required budget information online—New York State law requires that school districts post certain budget information online for the public to review. Below find PDFs of each required report. If you have any trouble accessing the information in the PDFs, please contact the district business office at 315-894-5000, press 6. Copies are also available from the district office.

Paying your tax bill

Early in September, Herkimer County prints and mails Central Valley CSD’s property tax bills. Taxes must be paid in full and are due no later than Oct. 1. Taxes paid after Oct. 1 are subject to a 2 percent fee. Taxes may be paid by mail or in person.

  • To pay by mail, make checks payable to Cherri L Hyer, Central Valley CSD Receiver of Taxes and mail to:

Cherri L Hyer
Central Valley CSD Receiver of Taxes
PO Box 160
Mohawk, NY 13407

  • To pay in person:

66 E Main St, Mohawk, NY
9:30 a.m.-4 p.m., Mon.-Fri.
Phone: 315-866-0500
The office is closed Labor Day and Columbus Day.


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