Central Valley CSD students, staff, and visitors must continue wearing masks in school as required by the New York State Education Department—at least through January 28, 2022.  Please read the following statement from Central Valley school attorney Girvin & Ferlazzo, PC.

Dear Colleagues:
As you are no doubt aware, on January 24, 2022, the Nassau County Supreme Court ruled in the matter of Demetriou et al. v. New York State Dep’t of Health et al. that the Department of Health exceeded its authority in enacting the school masking regulation, 10 NYCRR 2.60.  Since that time there has been significant confusion and misinformation regarding the impact of Demetriou on public school districts and whether or not the masking regulation remains in effect or has been “stayed”. 

Earlier today the Governor and the State Department of Health filed an appeal from the Demetriou decision.  This afternoon arguments were heard before the Appellate Division, Second Department on the issue of the status of the masking regulation.  At this time we can inform you that the Appellate Court has temporarily stayed the Order and Decision set forth in Demetriou through at least January 28, 2022, to permit the parties an opportunity for additional arguments on that date. 

In light of this ruling, public school districts in New York State remain subject to the Department of Health masking regulation at least through January 28, 2022.  We will continue to monitor these proceedings and inform of additional developments as they arise.