group of 11 dancers in various costumes, gymnasium

Harry M. Fisher Elementary School celebrated International Dance Day in late April with a special presentation from The Butler-Sheehan Academy of Irish Dance in Rome.

The group specializes in Irish dancing, which is characterized by a straight upper body and quick, intricate footwork.  The dancers can use both soft shoes and hard shoes (similar to tap). Dancers also demonstrated traditional ballet and other dance forms.

"This was an opportunity for our young students to experience something new," said Fisher principal Michele Pilla.

"They were completely enthralled by the music, the costumes, and the strength and grace of the dancers."

International Dance Day is celebrated on April 29th, the birthday of Jean Gorges Noverre who is recognized as the creator of modern ballet. Dance is a fun, athletic way to celebrate art and culture.  Dance, sometimes known as the “universal language,”  promotes friendship and peace and is good for the soul and mind.

four girls dancing in gym

group photo of dancers in different costumes

row of dancers each receiving a rose

lone dancer leaning backward in gym

two dancers apart, arms folded in gym

three young students, smiling, chairs, gymnasium

hundreds of students seated on the floor, teachers in chairs, gym