Group photo 22 runners outdoors on track, sky, trees

The 15th Annual Mott Marathon is in the record books.

On Monday, June 14, a total of 17 members from the Class of 2021 stepped out on the track joined by one representative from the Class of 2020. By night's end, 14 finished the full 26.2 miles.

Mason Bush was the Overall Champion, finishing in 4:09:39. Alexandria Hong finished second as the Female Champion with a time of 4:39:28.

Race originator and organizer Jim Mott did his best to restore some of the race day traditions. Jarvis Middle Schoolers kicked things off with the Jarvis Mile, a fun run that gives younger students a taste of the excitement awaiting them as CVA seniors. Steve "Doozer" Smith manned the press box, playing upbeat tunes and providing his classic Doozer play-by-play. Family and friends pitched tents, passed water and snacks, and encouraged the runners.

All was not perfect. The weather did its best to dampen the afternoon/evening. For the first time in Mott Marathon history, lightning forced the marathon to pause for 30 minutes. Rain fell steadily for a half-hour, leaving the runners looking for dry clothes. COVID also played a part. Restrictions had eased by race day,  but months ago when planning Mott had to consider masks and social distancing. He scaled back many of Mott Marathon traditions. Missing or fewer in number, were the alumni competitors, Utica Roadrunners competitors, and school employee teams.  There were fewer spectators, no food trucks, and no opening music.  The marathon was open to all in-person or virtual seniors, but the field of 17 was one of the smallest in recent years. 

Despite the missing elements and the trials of weather, nothing could stop the determination of the runners. They ran or walked, occasionally stopping to work out cramps, but steadily put one foot in front of the other. In the end, this race is not about winning or finish times; it is about accepting a personal challenge and seeing it through to the end. A simple medal and a quick photo are all that awaits them at the finish—and the satisfaction of having done his or her best.

It's a lesson that will serve them well all of their lives.

Race results

  1. Mason Bush –Overall Champion 4:09:39

  2. Alexandria Hong-Female Champion 4:39:28

  3. Rachael Yardley 5:29:40

  4. Sohum Patel 5:29:41

  5. Madelyn Engel 6:37:24

  6. Angelina Roberts 6:45:23

  7. Kaytlyn Martin 6:47:44

  8. Madison Bastien 7:19:20

  9. Sarah Wood 7:20:00

  10. Brady Colburn 7:27:00

  11. Anthony Carrock 7:33:17

  12. Karris Leonard 7:40:20

  13. Branden Gokey 7:40:20 (Class of 2020)

  14. Michael Thorp 8:46:40

  15. Michael Rotondi 13.1 Miles Completed

  16. Josh White 11 Miles Completed

  17. Rebecca Harrigan 8 Miles Completed

  18. Lynn Wright 8 Miles Completed