students on risers holding certificates, large word resolve behind

On Tuesday, Jan. 31, Jarvis Middle School recognized students who demonstrated January's character theme—resolve.

To receive the honor, students must demonstrate resolve— the firm determination to accomplish something. Student names are announced over the daily announcements. At the end of the month, nominated students receive a certificate, gather for a group photo, and are entered in a prize drawing.

"As we neared end of the first semester, we watched these students show their resolve ," said Assistant Principal Luke Manolescu.

"They did not give up. They learned from their mistakes and improved themselves each day. They went the extra mile in every aspect of their school lives. Mr. Pratt and I are very proud of them. "

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Resolve honorees

Grade 5

Hayleigh Arrigo, Autumn Bahrakis, Averie Baker, Aubree Bennett, Maria Bennett, Azayiah Brewer, Murphy Canipe, Abby Chandler, Augie Ciallelo, Braelyn Costin, Brayden Crim, Aubrie Crozier, Dean Duryee, Hartley Edick, Colton English, Skyler Jones, Justice Kadur, Tessa Keeler, Riley Lamb, Olivia Leaf, Riley McGraw, Tia Pedersen, Callie Pollard, Mia Ponte, Bionca Prokopienko, Pippa Rappa, Cody Rodgers, Justus Speciale, Liam Taylor, Emma'Mae Terrell, Elijah Torres, Sophia Voorhees

Grade 6

Kiley Beam, Chris Bruck, Alexis English, Mason Farrington, Alexis Filippi, Elijah Flagg, Paityn Gatto, Liam Grainger, Avery Guido, Zandyr Hale, Brady Harrer, Charisma Hoke, Marley Jones, Adalyn Klink, Emily Mason, Brynlee Metott, Colton Moreau, Aaron Peterson, Marrell Pinney, Collin Praznik, Sarah Sanchez, Martin Skandera, Jacob Ticen, Delaney Tubia, Mia VanNort, Aislynn Williams, Anthony Wood

Grade 7

Kylie Barnhart, Nikki Bennett, Ian Bliss, Pacey Brien, Annabell Brooks, Maleena Corsette, Colin Dean, Blake Donahue, Maci Guyer, Elena Height, Lillian Hunt, Gavin Lamica, Cole McDowell, Kendra Mosher, Ciara Mullin, Kian Mullin, Bailey Noffer, Samantha Papke, Arianna Renshaw, Jacob Rush, Aiden Sheffler, Addison Smithson, Rowan Snyder

Grade 8

Cade Ciallelo, Nick Mower, Mia Russo, Kendra Stafford