graphic of books, text saying book blast is coming

Barringer Road Book Blast has one goal—to put age-appropriate books into the hands of every student! 

On Monday, May 2, Barringer Road Elementary School is about to embark on a school-wide book drive unlike any other! Books Are Fun Book Blast is a literacy initiative that helps
 get more books and school supplies into students' homes. At a minimum, every student will take home at least one new, fun, book. 

With the help of the community, friends, and family, students can earn up to 10 books!

Your contributions = more books

How does this all work? Students send out invitations to friends and family members to help them reach their goal of taking home all 10 books on their grade-level list. So, if you receive an invitation from a student you know, please click on the link in the invitation and help that child by contributing on their personal contribution page. 100% of the contributions they receive first go towards the books on their book list and then help other students needing books too. Any remaining contributions after every student earns all 10 books will go toward more books for the school and classroom supplies.

If you don't have a student, but would like to help, just click this link

Why the Book Blast?

Kids are reading less, screen time is increasing, and school budgets are tight. These are three things Librarian Mrs. Spatto fully understands. On a mission to make reading cool again, she decided to meet with the team at Books Are Fun to learn more about their book enrichment program – Book Blast.

With its innovative approach to creating more book worms, Book Blast guarantees at least one new book into the hands of every student at absolutely no cost to the school, little work from the school team, and no financial requirement of the parents. After reviewing the program and understanding there was zero risk to the school school leaders moved forward.

 “I would love to see more books in the hands of all of our students. As a student, I was also a struggling reader, so I understand how frustrating reading can be. This program seems to make reading fun for all students,” Mrs. Spatto said.