roughly 50 students on risers. Large sustainability sign in background
List of names by grade
Fisher PreK info included in body below
Amazing music
stage, audience, I'mpossible on screen
large group of students on risers in auditorium, big word perseverance behind
Connected community school logo, text: Open HUB assistance
man in tie seated at desk in office.
Two men smiling, office, holding plaque
2 identical posters side by side contents below
Three posters about open on school breaks, easter egg hunt, spring craft evet
Student heads partially hiding words you can do it
Student art piece
5 girls posing in front of big heart covered with smaller hearts
images of Pre-K and kindergarten flyers content in article
students and adults sitting at tables in a small cafe
2 boys wearing team jerseys and kneeling in front of a table decorated like a football field
List of names
circus tent graphic, balloons, text be kind carnival
Two posters, content in article