Athlete-Parent Information


By National Federation High School Regulations: Players must have a certain number of days of practices completed before their first scrimmage and game. Therefore, make sure your son or daughter makes all the required practices to be eligible for any scrimmages and that first game.


  • Your child is in charge of his/her body, not us. If they have to step out of a drill or practice itself, it is their responsibility to do so. This helps and protects both your child and our coaches.

  • Water is always available at any time the player needs it. Encourage your child to drink whatever they feel the need to do so. Remind them to drink from the cups and never put their hands in the H2O container.

  • Practice Gear: Encourage your son/daughter to mark all their equipment. Also encourage him/her to bring their practice clothes home to wash, daily. This is a safety / health issue as evidenced by the major college sports programs.

  • Injuries: All injuries during practice are to be reported to the Head Coach BEFORE the athlete heads home so the coaching staff, player, and parents are on the same page.

  • Make sure your son/daughter gets to practice earlier if they need to get taped for a practice. This also applies if he/she needs to be looked at for an injury.

  • Physical Therapist: Tim Abraham of Slocum Dickson is our athletic trainer. He will be here during the week to see your sons or daughters. I strongly recommend if your child gets hurt to go see Tim Abraham. Central Valley School District has a very good working relationship with Slocum- Dickson. As a parent, I would recommend this route. Tim usually comes down once and even twice a week to look at our athletes.


If the athlete is unhappy and needs to discuss anything. Have your child:

  • Talk to the Captains or Senior leaders if no Captains

  • If uncomfortable / not satisfied  Talk to the Position coach

  • If uncomfortable / not satisfied  Talk to the Head Coach

  • If uncomfortable / not satisfied  Talk to the Athletic Director

  • If uncomfortable / not satisfied   Talk to the Principal

  • If uncomfortable / not satisfied  Talk to the Superintendent

This also applies to the parent. The only difference is you should start with the Head Coach. Please, set up a meeting with the Coach to discuss any concerns you may have. DO NOT go directly to the coach after a practice or game. Wait 24 hours and contact the coach or more preferably Mr. Mott to set up a meeting to discuss what is on your mind as a parent. Do not call the coach at their home. We take our jobs very serious. We appreciate your son/daughter playing sports for Central Valley Central School District. We want this to be a meaningful experience for them and you. We will work hard to handle any situation or concerns that come up during the season.


A parent that has an official written complaint lodged against them may be restricted from attending future Central Valley School athletic contests.

A written complaint may come from one of the following sources:

  • A Central Valley Athletic Contest worker

  • A sport official or referee

  • A Central Valley Coach

  • A Central Valley Administrator

  • A police officer


  • Academic Policy. If an athlete is failing two or more courses at the five-week marking period, that athlete is in danger of being suspended from the team. Failing two courses puts him/her on probation. Failing more than two courses, the child will face some type of suspension. Please help us avoid that situation.

  • Behavior Problems: The athletes must understand that this could affect their team status. Please encourage your children to be nice and treat other students, athletes, teachers, coaches, administrators and staff in a positive and mature fashion.  The athletes are high profile people at Central Valley. How they handle themselves positive or negative winds up being a reflection on us all.

Questions: Jim Mott, Athletic Director – email:, phone: 315-894-9934 x 54504