Jarvis library announces bookmark winners

Jarvis Middle School Library announces the winners of the Jarvis Middle School Bookmark Contest. Each of the winning designs have been reproduced and laminated and will be distributed each time students sign out books from the library.

Library media specialist Nadine Meyerriecks and art teacher Cheryl Hicks thought up the contest as a way to promote the library and to provide students with a real-world application for their art. Ms. Hicks designed a template and invited all students  to use it to create a reading-themed bookmark. Students could use any media – paint, markers, colored pencils, etc. A remote student without access to the physical template created her own digital version. The two teachers selected the winners from more than 60 entries.

The contest is just one example of the may ways Central Valley teachers have found to deliver content under COVID restrictions.

For library and art, it is not practical to sanitize library books, art supplies, and classrooms between each period. Instead, students reserve library books online. Ms. Meyerriecks and library aide Denise Mabbett package the selections  in plastic bags and deliver them directly to the students' classrooms. They sanitize the books before placing them back on the shelves. With the art room closed, Ms. Hicks travels from room to room with an "art cart" to teach her classes. Students use their own supplies or borrow from the cart. Supplies are sanitized before being returned to the cart.

Congratulation to the winners:

5th grade

  • Chelsea Warren Kendra Wainwright
  • Lindsay Praznik
  • Vaidalee Hogeboom
  • Ian Bliss
  • Eva Pesce (Digital Art category)


one bookmark floral pattern

6th grade

  • Marisa Crisino
  • Emma Tutty
  • Jodi Bennett
  • Adrian Lawrence
  • Rieley Lenard

7th grade

  • Kiya Ross
  • Katie Dean
  • Sarah Rearick
  • Zachary Archer
  • Richard Savarese

8th Grade

  • Rebecca Rearick
  • Isabella White
  • Sophie Murphy
  • Orion Bliss
  • Alina Kozulya