screenshot of phone screen

Is there school today? What's on the menu? How do I contact my child's teacher?

Central Valley CSD is now placing all this at your fingertips - on your smartphone. Join us as we roll out our new app and school-parent mobile communication tool - Rooms!

Why an app?

Because you need your school information on your schedule !

How do I get the app?

(Just make sure you enable the you get alerted when you have a message.)

What's on the app?

  • Important dates/events
  • Important news (your choice which school)
  • Menus (again, your choice which school)
  • A new way to reach your child's teacher
  • And lots more to come...

Who can use the app?

Anyone who wants to know what's happening at Central Valley CSD can download the app.

What is Rooms?

Rooms is a guardian-school communication tool. You can receive information from school and message your child's teacher on your schedule.

How do I get Rooms?

First, Rooms is only available to guardians of current Central Valley students. We will invite you to sign up for Rooms using a secure link sent to the email address we have for you on file at school. If you don't have email, we will send you printed instructions to sign up. We sent invitations last fall (before the app was fully functioning) and are sending a second round on Friday, Jan. 21.

How do I use Rooms?

Just click the Rooms link in the bottom right corner of the Central Valley app. You'll  find your child's classes and teachers listed. Click the "plus-sign" and start a message.

What if I have problems or questions?

We are working on a series of one-page tutorials and short videos. For now, simply email