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On Wednesday, June 8, Central Valley CSD parents and guardians are invited to an evening with Jeff Yalden, a nationally known speaker on student mental health.  The meeting will be held 7-8 p.m. in the Jarvis auditorium.

Mr. Yalden is a respected and sought-after speaker who addresses the challenges facing teens, especially those that end in tragedy.  He was a resource for the struggling community of Uvalde, TX in the days immediately following the shooting.

"We are fortunate to have Mr. Yalden speak in our district," said Kathy Carney, Central Valley Director of Curriculum.

"We invited him as part of our school's efforts to tackle the tough topic of student mental health in the wake of the pandemic. This year, we learned how serious of a problem we face when we lost people to suicide.  We learned suicide happens without clear warning and happens in the best of families. This talk is for all of us who are parents."

He will share with students during the day on Wednesday and parents and guardians in the evening. He will spend the next day with students and then join everyone for the Mott Marathon 'Mile for Mental Health.'

What parents can expect

Mr. Yalden provided the following when asked what he will speak about:

"Raising a teen human today, you need support, advice and an understanding of “WHY?” youth are isolating, non-communicative and are feeling lost.  If you want to be more equipped with the tools to re-engage with your child, this might be for you.  We will talk mental health issues, substance use, anxiety, self-harm and, most importantly, you’ll learn the 5 Key Elements your child needs to know to survive in these troubled waters.  Finally, learn the three reasons why youth are considering suicide as an option."

For questions, please reach out to Mrs. Carney at or call the district office at 315-894-9934.