8 people smiling, 500-lb club tee shirt

CVA senior Gabi Lawrence is the latest Thunder to join the school's elite 500-lb. Club. She lifted a combined 500 pounds—a bench press of 100 pounds, a squat of 195 pounds, and a deadlift of 205 pounds.

Gabi joins Nate Shaver, as the students who most recently reached a lifting goal. Nate joined the 1000-lb. club earlier in the year.

Lifting heavy weight can be dangerous, especially if the athlete uses improper technique. That's where Justin Hoffman and his wife Liz come in. They own Movement, Strength, & Fitness a local company that contracts with Central Valley to provide students with strength and health training in the fitness center during and after school. They work with all students, whether or not they are athletes.

Watching others work out and achieve their goals encourages classmates to push themselves.

"Nate and Justin inspired me to give it a try," Gabi said. "I started working out and here I am."

It took her just three months to hit her goal.

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