Virtual learning resources for parents

This Question and Answer page is a resource to support parents while school is closed because of COVID-19. If you don’t find what you need, please reach out to your child’s school.

Online Learning

How does my child access online learning?

What if my child has technical problems?

  • Chromebook issues, can’t log in, forgotten passwords

    • Email

  • Software issues (IXL, Envisions Math, STAR, etc.)

    • Contact your child’s teacher

  • Tech Tips for Parents

What if my child does not have access to technology?

  • Each student has access to a school-provided device.

  • If your student does not have access to the internet, reach out to your school.

How can I monitor my child’s participation/progress?

Teachers will use a variety of means to monitor and communicate student participation and progress. At the elementary level (PreK-4) this may be via email, Class DoJo, or telephone conversations. At the middle and high school level, this may be via parent portal, email, or telephone. If you feel your child is experiencing difficulties participating, please reach out to their teacher or the building principal for assistance.

Parent/Guardian Role

What are parents/guardians supposed to do?

Parents and guardians are not teachers. We do not expect you to develop lessons or teach. Instruction will be teacher-guided learning. We ask that you support your child’s learning at home:

  • Stress that this is is school and it is not optional,

  • Help your child stay connected with school,

  • Maintain a daily school routine,

  • Encourage your child to complete assigned materials and participate in online class activities, and

  • Encourage your child to reach out to his or her teacher with questions or problems.

What does teacher-guided learning look like?

Teacher-guided learning simply means that the primary responsibility for education with our teachers. Teachers will use a variety of virtual learning tools and written resources as needed.

Please  reach out to your child’s teacher when you have questions. Teachers are available to guide students through the learning and answer questions as well as serve as a resource for parents.

What if my child objects or refuses to participate?

This is a new experience for everyone. We expect frustration and, in some cases, students who will refuse to do the assigned work. Please understand that this is not optional. This is still school, even if we are not in a school building.

If you have problems keeping your child focused on schoolwork, immediately contact your child’s teacher. Do not wait.

Emergency resources

Contact information

Academic questions

  • Start with your child’s teacher.

  • Alaine K. Canestrari, Assistant Superintendent

Technology support

  • Chromebook issues, can’t log in, forgotten passwords

    • Email

  • Software issues (IXL, Envisions Math, STAR, etc.)

    • Contact your child’s teacher

Emotional or behavioral support

  • Contact your child’s school at the numbers below.

Note: Our offices are staffed 8 a.m.-1 p.m. Mon.-Fri.

Central Valley Academy

  • 315-895-7471

  • Principal Richard Keeler,

  • Assistant Principal Danielle Hess,

Gregory B. Jarvis Middle School

  • 315-866-2620

  • Principal Charles Pratt,

  • Assistant Principal Jessica Bowman,

  • Assistant Principal Luke Manolescu,

Barringer Road Elementary School

  • 315-894-8420

  • Principal Aaron Carey,

Harry M. Fisher Elementary School

  • 315-866-4851

  • Principal Michele Pilla,


For dietary concerns or to arrange for meals:

  • 315-894-5000

  • Food Service Manager Dominick Mauro,