students and adults eating in cafeteria
five students standing on stage reading scripts
group of students wearing blue
Snow background, Central Valley Thunder lightning and cloud logo, connected community schools logo
adults handing out books to small children. Outdoors, sidewalk, van
book graphic adn text saying Pop-up parent book fair at fisher library November 20 and 21 noon-3:30 p.m
two school buses, students lined up on sidewalk
composite of 16 students wearing matching shirts and holding certificates
Text Thought Exchange
two photos of winners wearing medal around neck. first is girl smiling outdoors, grass and sky, second is two adults flanking boy football field in background
football game, field, nighttime
turkey running in sneakers graphic with text turkey trot
photo of large group of people
firefighter in full gear talking to children seated on curb, grass, fence
composite of 28 smiling children holding certificates
3 girls smiling, colorful posters on wall in background
4 smiling students holding copies of the same book, sign saying fifth grade book club Gordon Korman in background
People standing at tables talking to students and adults, colorful posters in background