Two men smiling, office, holding plaque
CCS Logo, text included in content
2 identical posters side by side contents below
Group photo of elementary students, teacher, four high school boys, standing and kneeling
Three posters about open on school breaks, easter egg hunt, spring craft evet
library filled with people, dinosaur decorations, books
image of a shed, gambrel roof, door, and window
classroom, desks, window students seated, girl giving thums up
Student heads partially hiding words you can do it
boy and girl in matching shirts holding certficates
group of students holding certificates standing on risers in front of giant word "integrity"
poster dinosaur, ferns, text found in article
Michael Grecco accepts his certificates from smiling woman, 3 others watching and smiling
Student art piece
many U.S Coins of different denominations
Foundation logo open hands cupping a tree
Two people, man speaking, woman listening
5 girls posing in front of big heart covered with smaller hearts